Multimedia Design Supervisor / Manager
Job description:
Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for the work of enterprise culture publicizing, implementation, landing and internalization;
2, responsible for corporate culture needs of the promotional film, documentary, micro film pre filming and post production
3, according to the need for cultural propaganda script or copy of the production, editing and layout
4, responsible for the company's training courseware recording, editing, editing, post production
5, responsible for the collection and editing of the original materials, interviews, video editing, etc.;
6, responsible for training activities related to the background, posters and other design;
Post qualification:
- Journalism and communication, television program production, and other related professional graduates
- experience in corporate culture construction is a plus
-2 years of skilled use of the mainstream camera and SLR shooting video, there is an independent shooting video works is preferred
- can be set according to the requirements and the requirements of the script, control the footage, such as exposure, light, scene composition, viewing angle, etc.
- skilled use of PR, Edius, AE video clip packaging software, skilled use of AI, PS graphic design software, familiar with a variety of video, audio file conversion, encoding format;
- the camera language, color, rhythm, music and other elements have a good ability to control the video clips have their own unique perspective
- work is stable, meticulous and patient, have a good sense of teamwork and a strong initiative and creativity
Functional categories: Multimedia Design